Uniforms-TCA: Tri-L Christian Academy

Open House: Monday, August 8th (4:30- 6:30) ~ 1st day of school: August 10th

Uniform Link and Guidelines

Shirt Colors

K5           1st - 8th Grades

Blue Shirts                                      Red Shirts

(must be official uniforms and can be purchased at any retail store)

K5- 5th Grades
  • Navy blue 

Middle School
  • Khaki 
  • Black closed in rubber soled shoe     (solid black, no additional colors)
  • Navy/black socks         ( No footies)
  • Post earrings or hoop earrings      ( no larger than the circumference of a nickel.)
  • No bandanas  

  • Black belt
  • Shorts must have belt loops
  • Navy/black socks      ( No footies)
  • Black shoe -with a rubber sole       (solid black, no additional colors)

  • Boys are permitted to wear braids, however, they must be neat and worn away from face.
  • Hair colors are to be moderate and basic, true to natural colors only
  • Styles must reflect that of a Christian academy and are subject to the administrator's discretion.

Winter Attire:
Jackets/ sweat shirts must be dark colored ( navy or black) with no writing or sports logo!
Your Parent/Student Handbook has detailed information regarding uniform guidelines and policy.